Mar. 9th, 2010

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So, today is my last day as a 20-something year old.


The number makes me feel like I'm old. I don't feel old, though. I suspect I'll still be feeling "not old" when I'm 80. Assuming global warming hasn't killed us all by then.

But I guess I'm not young, either. And that's okay.

The past 30 years have treated me well, and while there's lots of things I still want to do and accomplish, there's lots of things I can check off my life's to-do list.

Here's 30 of them in no order of importance or occurence :

1. I've fallen in and out of love
2. Had my heart broken
3. Lost faith in God
4. Found faith in God
5. Thought life wasn't worth it
6. Found many reasons why it is
7. Learned a second language
8. Met the girl of my dreams
9. Dropped everything and moved to a different continent
10. Learned a third language
11. Walked among the ancient ruins of Greece
12. Published a book
13. Befriended a lot of awesome people
14. Rode on a rollercoaster (and almost passed out afterwards)
15. Made pumpkin pie from scratch
16. Sat by the ocean in Portugal and read a book
17. Got so drunk I threw up
18. Rode on a golf cart around the Amsterdam airport
19.Marched in a women's rights parade in Washington, DC
20.Told my parents I was gay
21.Walked around the Louvre in Paris
22.Competed in a state-wide acting competition
23.Drank wine in Bordeaux
24. Visited the Museum of Sex in New York
25.Acted in TV commercials for Kodak
26.Graduated from college
27.Beat [ profile] chewy3479 in three eating competitions
28.Directed a few plays
29.Worked as a coat check girl at a gay club
30.Became legally not-single

Mostly I'm just grateful. Even on days when I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing with myself or my life, I still feel incredibly lucky to have the things I have and know the people I know and be with the woman I'm with.

I know I'm a different person at 30 than I was at 20, and I like to think that I've changed for the better. I'm looking forward to the next 30 years.

Bring it on.


Mar. 9th, 2010 08:53 pm
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K just came home with my birthday present ... which I was totally NOT EXPECTING. I thought she was getting me some PS3 games or something.

And I'm not sure how I'm gonna top a 40" HDTV when it comes time for her birthday. I think I will have to import an elephant from India. She loves elephants. Good thing I have until August to plan how I will get it into the apartment.

But OMGANHDTVFLATSCREENOMG. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it.

I shall continue my squeeing in private.

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