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I'm scarily addicted to the Mamma Mia soundtrack. I can't get any of these songs out of my head.

I can't tell if I'm sleepy or not.

I'm addicted to rice cakes.

This is obviously not a very well-thought-out, cohesive LJ entry.

Hmm. Perhaps non of them are ever well-thought-out, cohesive LJ entries.

Pusinky (that Czech lesbian movie) was surprisingly entertaining. I had no idea what was going on for the first 15 minutes or so, but then it got going.

Mini Review:

It's About: ... actually I'm not sure what it's about. There's these three friends who decide to go on this hitchhiking trip ... to Holland? Except they end up right back where they started at the end so I'm not sure why they went hitchhiking for the whole movie. But anyway... one of the girls is in love with one of the other girls ... and um ... nevermind, I'm just going to copy and paste someone else's plot summary:

Three 18-year-old coeds (Petra Nesvacilova, Sandra Novakova, Marie Dolezalova) decide a road trip to Holland is in order on the late-summer eve of more adult endeavors. Tagging along is one of the girls' kid brother (Oldrich Hajlich), who bears witness to nude bathing, Sapphic experimentation and various identity crises. "Nobody's keeping an eye on anybody," is their oft-repeated mantra, with various heartaches explained by the eternally adolescent logic, "Everything's screwy anyway."

So it's essentially not about anything. But it was still surprisingly not awful.

Expect to find: emo girls, drunk girls, lesbian bathroom sex, naked girls and lots of reasons not to ever, ever go hitchhiking.


I unexpectedly found myself back in WoW over the weekend which was actually quite fun. Ran [livejournal.com profile] 4youreyesonly, [livejournal.com profile] southland28 and Molly through a couple of lowbie instances last night, while simultaneously chatting with [livejournal.com profile] ceilyn_rm and [livejournal.com profile] dangerosa about randomness. Earlier today, K and I visited a bunch of Elders for the Lunar Festival. Tonight I went raiding with [livejournal.com profile] dracmtt and his guild and then went on a random dungeon with [livejournal.com profile] chewy3479, [livejournal.com profile] inthekeyofc and Phalk. So, fun all around.

I just took this "Gay-o-Meter" test again (I took it a few years ago). I seem to have gotten about 13% gayer over the years. However, I still got:

"Dreams is 36% Gay: How does a straight acting girl ever manage to get a date? Any more girlie and you'd have to be straight!

I'm not that girlie. *mumbles*

I posted a poll yesterday at GreysNews asking people what their favorite Grey's pairing is (besides MerDer) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Callie/Arizona were winning by a landslide. However, overnight, the Cristina/Owen fans seem to have found the poll because they're catching up!

Anyway... I just remembered I haven't yet watched the latest Venice. So I'm off!
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