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I have to say, Desperate Housewives made me squee really loudly when I unexpectedly saw Julie Benz in an episode. Then they sort of blew my mind when they revealed that she'd be playing a lesbian. As much as I loved Dexter/Rita I couldn't really stop my mind from secretly shipping Rita/Debra.

So this whole business of Robin-is-a-lesbian on DH is YAY. Not sure how I feel about Robin/Katherine yet but I'm sure it will win me over soon enough. And because I'm a true cynic I expect this relationship to go absolutely nowhere. NOWHERE. However, I liked that they made Robin a "card-carrying" lesbian. I thought they were just gonna do the whole two-straight-girls-that-suddenly-find-themselves-attracted-to-each-other thing, which NEVER WORKS. EVER.

Can't wait for her to come out to Wisteria Lane... Heee. Thought last night's episode was pure win.


Last night (or rather, this morning) I had a dream in which I was on a ship, sailing the high seas in search of ... chocolate. But I'd only steal it from women wearing glasses. And eventually I was challenged to some sort of duel via poll in which people had to decide who should get the chocolate - Evil Pirate Me, or Good Girl with Glasses. Good Girl with Glasses won the poll. And then this committee of Chocolate Ownership people came to ensure that I didn't steal any chocolate. And then I was forbidden from ever stealing chocolate again. DAMN YOU, STUPID POLL.

I'm off to stare at TBSOL some more ... neverevereverevergonnafinishthisnovelomg.
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