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So, let's see. Feeling aimless has kicked me into productivity mode or at least what passes as productivity when you're a blogger/writer.

Today I unveiled the new look on Midnight Island: Official Site of Moi. I'd been wanting to do something very simple for a while now but hadn't found a theme that matched my needs, so I kept going for the flashy and exuberant instead. And that was all well and good. But I really, really wanted something that highlighted the fact that this is my official, writerly website. I think I managed to pull off something to that effect. Maybe. Hopefully.

Aside from the asthetic changes, I also deleted all the blog posts that were there before. I did so for a couple of reasons: 1. I don't blog there with any amount of frequency or consistency and that made the site appear ghost-townish, and 2. I wanted to showcase the rest of the content by removing all the random posts that had nothing to do with anything. I think this was a good idea.

I would like to have a blog area eventually. Or maybe I'll just link to this one like used to do. I'm still debating.

What else...

The past couple of days were spent in Vichy. We took a train up at 6AM on Monday and came back yesterday afternoon. Lea had to have some tests done at the hospital and needed someone to drive her home/stay with her just in case. So that was our Monday and Tuesday.

Today, I blogged at Grey's News. Worked on Midnight Island. Ate spaghetti. Remembered (after once again forgetting) that I have that Facebook page with "fans" on it. So I posted there.

In other news: I worked on TBSOL today. I think I am finally, finally unstuck. Join me in a dorky dance. /dorkydance I still have no ETA but baby steps toward THE END. I will not be posting Chapter 49 until Chapter 50 is complete. So when you get it, you'll get the whole shebang. So, expect it sometime in the year 2021 or so.

I kid. It should go up by 2015 AT THE LATEST.

I kid again.


I don't know why Facebook keeps putting pictures of things like PIES and DONUTS on the sidebar. Meanie. I want pie.


I'm really into Robin/Katherine on Desperate Housewives which means they're doomed. So doomed.

Okay, I'm off.

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