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Feb. 10th, 2010 12:00 pm
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Yesterday I started watching Life Unexpected, a new series on the CW. I like to describe it as alternate reality Gilmore Girls. Like, what would've happened if Lorilae had given Rory up for adoption instead of keeping her and raising her in a small town surrounded by colorful characters. Answer: Lorilae would be played by Shiri Appleby instead of Lauren Graham and she'd be this famous radio DJ engaged to the gay guy from Dawson's Creek. Oh and Christopher would own a bar instead of a motorcycle. Oh and they'd all live in a big city instead of a small town. Oh and Rory would be blonde and she would've never been adopted because of a hole in her heart and she would've grown up in a series of foster homes where no one ever loved her or took her to overdose on coffee at Luke's.

So what do I like about this show? It's cute, and heartwarming, and also heartbreaking at times. And I love all the characters. And despite the repetitiveness of some of the episode plotlines, I can see why they're necessary to start with. There's a lot of teen pregnancies on TV shows lately (Glee, Friday Night Lights, Secret Life, etc) ... and we've got the options: abortion, adoption, keeping it. And it's nice to see a show that deals with how it all plays out fifteen years down the line.

I don't want to spoil it. It's a good show. Probably one of my current favorites.

Then there's Chuck...

The latest episode of Chuck has caused quite a revolt on the Internets. And after watching the episode, here are my thoughts: cut for spoilers... )


Feb. 8th, 2010 08:09 pm
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When did I become so dull?

I just deleted about 3 paragraphs of LAMENESS.

This probably isn't any better.


I am not drunk.




No, that's lame too.

Penguin glasses.

Today, I...

Feb. 4th, 2010 10:34 am
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- Woke up at 6:30am
- Wrote 3 posts for work
- Read some pretty terrifying Claire/Gretchen fanfic
- Opened TBSOL
- Deleted the two paragraphs of Chapter 49 I'd managed to write over the past few months

Currently, I'm...

- Staring at the blinking cursor

I had this idea for how I wanted this first scene to go and so I've spent months trying to get that scene to work. Today I finally realized (and accepted) that it's not going to work and that the only reason it had taken me this long to scrap it all is that I'd gotten it into my head that "orgasms" had to be the first word of the chapter. So now it isn't.

Now the first word is





Just kidding.

Or am I?

DUN DUN DUN........
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...because I totally need another inevitably doomed TV lesbian couple to obsess over. THANKS A LOT, ceilyn_rmJULIA! (But I really do love them lots... :D )

href="">Claire/Gretchen - I'd Come For Your from alex_davis on Vimeo.
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I had a late start to the day, but somehow managed productivity. eurOut's editor asked me if I could translate the answers Fatima Baeza (Ester on Hospital Central) gave to their interview questions and I got to work on that. I learned that Fatima Baeza didn't actually choose to leave HC. The producer/network decided the storyline had run its course. So now I'm pissed. It was bad enough that she was leaving, but I thought she just wanted to move on to other things. I never thought the network would be stupid enough to write off Maca/Ester. WTF Telecinco? You suck.

In other news, I can't stop listening to this song ("Love Story" - Taylor Swift), which I only discovered last night after [ profile] ceilyn_rm got me looking at Claire/Gretchen music videos. I know this song is probably soooooo last year but it's new to me!

K and I spent the weekend in WoW and did not get around to watching Chuck. So now we're five episodes behind. Fail.

I don't know what to talk about in LJ anymore.

I bought this really awesome leatherbound journal while I was in the US. And my intention is to write really awesome things in it. You know, deep and meaningful things that will undoubtedly change the world. So far it's blank.

Writer's block, I hate you. I want to stick you in a pot of water and set it to boil and add potatoes and various spices and then wait until you start to smell good and then set the house you're in on fire and then hire an army of water robots to put out the fire and then take you out of the pot and stick you in a coffin and burry you for 500 years and have my great great great great great great granddaughter take you out and kick you in the groin.

I got a haircut while I was in the US. I can't tell whether it's very noticeable, but that's okay. I know it's there.

I shall leave you with a picture of K and me and McSteamy and my haircut at southland28Paula's. Contrary to popular belief, I was perfectly clothed the entire time and didn't go skinny dipping. Read more... )
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So K and I just got back from our trip to the states and I'm trying to think of a good way to recap. The first few days were spent in FL, shopping, shopping some more, and meeting up with [ profile] southland28 and Molly. We met up at an art festival in Ft. Lauderdale, where we did not really look at the artwork and instead talked about WoW and porn. And lesbians. And more WoW. We went to dinner at the Olive Garden and exchanged gifts at their house. K got a WoW t-shirt and I got porn starring my college roommate. Yes, seriously. LOL. For the curious sort, it was this one (NSFW!!). The girl on the cover is indeed my college roommate.

Wednesday through Wednesday were spent in PR, where I got to see my grandparents finally. We visited Old San Juan, and the movies, and the mall, and the beach (where I failed to tan), and then it was back to FL where we hung out with Paula and Molly again, and shopped some more.

It was an awesome time all around. The two weeks flew by. And now we're back in France.
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I'll need to see that set list for Sectionals after all. I want it on my desk warm from the laminator at 5:00 P.M., and if it is one minute late, I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then, on some dark, cold night I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face.
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Here is what I remember about Christmas Eve: Champagne. I remember pink, bubbly, delicious champagne. I remember that my glass was never empty for long and never full for long and that everything got fuzzy around the edges after the first glass, nevermind the seventh or so. I remember food. And opening presents. (Sort of). I remember sending my mom a somewhat coherent email on my iPhone, followed, later, by a totally incoherent email to Paula that read, "I contthinnk o Have every Bren Gus drunk." Actually, I don't remember composing that email so much as receiving her totally WTF response later on and me going WTF did I type. I also remember getting really sick and K tucking me in and then passing out only to wake up in the middle of the night WANTING TO DIE. That set the mood for the rest of the day.

It took me about two days to feel normal again. I don't know how people get drunk all the time. I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN.

Anyway, the day after Christmas was spent at Lea's playing on the Wii before hopping on a train back to Lyon. This was a lot of fun. I had a good time overall. I enjoy being around K's family. The hangover, while thoroughly unpleasant, was, at least, an experience. (NEVER AGAIN!)

Friday we leave for FL and next week for PR. I am excited about seeing my family. I can't believe it's been two and a half years already. I'm not as excited about the flying. I hate flying. I spend the entire flight in a state of panic. So I'm halfway between excited and freaking out.

In the meantime, I'm back to playing WoW. I need to get back to TBSOL and finish the damn thing. So close to the end. I don't know why I can't seem to write this chapter. I've rewritten the first paragraph so many times it makes my brain hurt to think about it. But it has to happen that I finish it, so I will. Maybe I'll find inspiration in FL or PR or at 35,000ft. I'm looking forward to going to Barnes & Noble. Oddly, besides my family, I think B&N may be the only thing I miss about the US. That, and having friends.

I'm trying to come up with a good resolution for 2010. I'm not usually one for resolutions, mostly because I know I won't keep them. Exercise more, finish TBSOL, stop being so damn shy. These are the goals that carry on from one year to the next. It is frustrating to be frustrated with yourself. There's so much I want to do and so much that I'm not doing.

But anyway. Back to Norwegian goats.
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I have an urge to ask really weird questions like: "What would you do if you fell in love with a Norwegian goat?" And then I stop and wonder about Norwegian goats and type in search phrases like: "Norwegian goats." And then I worry that I will die suddenly and mysteriously, and law enforcement officers will be forced to dig into my life and my computer and ultimately find searches about Norwegian goats and grow to wonder whether my fixation with Norwegian goats might have something to do with my death. And then they'll interview my friends and family and ask questions about my obsession with goats and other animals and whether or not they were aware of my capra fetish and then everyone around me will think, "Gosh, I didn't know her at all." And no one will want to talk about me anymore except in whispered and judgemental exchanges about "that girl that loved goats."

This is the sort of stuff I think about when I make coffee in the morning.
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Snapped this a few minutes ago:

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amiguito, que Dios te bendiga
que reine la paz en tu vida
y que cumplas muchos más!

(Te estás poniendo viejo con cara de conejo)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] elven_wolf!!!!! :)
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Okay so filed under THINGS THAT SUCK MONKEY BALLS is the news that Fátima Baeza (Esther) is leaving Hospital Central at the start of next season. Where does that leave Maca and Esther?!

And filed under THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME OMG is the news that Idina Menzel is headed to Glee .. not for one episode, not for two, but for NINE EPISODES as the coach for Vocal Adrenaline.

Edit: And Patricia Vico (Maca) announced that she's also leaving Hospital Central.

The extreme amounts of fail. I can't take it.
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Today, [ profile] dangerosa pointed me to this Spanish movie called Los Dos Lados de la Cama (The Two Sides of the Bed), which is basically a bit like if Kissing Jessica Stein (ending-wise) met Glee (yes, there's random, choreographed singing). I've only seen the lesbian clips, but I'm trying to get a hold of the full film. But this was most enjoyable. Alas, it's all in Spanish and has no subtitles. But for those that will understand it I think it's great fun. Also, I thought it was funny cause two of the actors are from Cuestion de Sexo (Diego and Alba) and another is from Hospital Central (Sofia). That made me laugh.
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Yesterday I watched this lesbian movie called The Book Club, which was hilarious for two reasons: a) it's meant to be funny and b) the acting is hilarious. As in hilariously bad. Not as in hilarious due to awesome comedic timing.

It's about this girl named Kate who has a crush on this girl named Hannah. One day Hannah invites her to join her book club which is comprised of a bunch of straight housewives. The rules of the book club state that the newest member of the club must recommend the next book, and she draws a blank and can only think of lesbian books. So she ends up telling the club to read this lesbian erotica novel. Kate then tries to get over Hannah by going on a series of terrible blind dates. Meanwhile, the housewives each read the novel which is basically about this lesbian pirate that randomly rescues women in distress and then has sex with them. The movie goes ahead and shows us the scenes from the book with each housewife playing the role of the lady in distress and Kate playing the role of the pirate. Somewhere in there, Hannah falls in love with Kate.

I laughed a lot with this movie. A lot. Both with it and at it.

Trailer for your enjoyment:

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So tonight K and I are headed out to partake in this year's Fête des Lumières. I'd try to explain it but I think it can be summed up thusly:

Can't wait. The BBC posted some pictures from this year's event:
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Oh hai Angelina Jolie! You've been missed.

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I know that I should have been feeling bad for Maca during this scene - and I was - but all I could think throughout the whole thing was, "OMG, Maca wears her watch like Emily!"

And it sort of looks like Esther does as well but I think it just slid over in her case.

Shutting up now.
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This was wonderful. I watched all the speeches yesterday and many of them were incredibly moving.

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The 100th episode of Criminal Minds killed me. Holy crap. :( I'm not sure how they manage to fit so much awesomness and heartbreak in 43 minutes. Loved it.

I'm getting twitchy today because I don't have a new episode of FlashForward to watch and I'm sort of addicted to that show. Someone needs to write an epic femslashy crossover between FlashForward/Criminal Minds.

But anyway.

In writing news...

I'm stuck on [ profile] tbsol_v2 (or, rather, it's coming along super slowly) so I'm working on a couple of other things. One is a short story called "Straight Woman Seeks Pretend Girlfriend," which will be part of a group of short stories all leading to a series I want to write called Quirks. I'm also working on a short story with no name. I'm not quite sure where it's going but I like it well enough. I think. Maybe. We'll see.

Oh and I started Rayne version 2.0.

Also, I found out Rainbow Reviews reviewed Alix & Valerie and gave it 4.5 stars:Review exerpt )

Moving on ....

K and I are officially headed to Florida and Puerto Rico in January, which of course means I finally (FINALLY) got my stay permit. Stay permit saga recap here and here. And I totally forgot to update when I finally did get it - though I tweeted about it here. So this is old news to most of you. But it bears repeating!

I've decided to go back to school after we get back from our trip. This whole being in the apartment 24/7 is screwing with my mood and my mind and if I keep it up I will lose it. And also, it's really hard to improve my French while not actually doing anything to improve my French.

Totally jumping subjects, last night I read a really awesome Sheldon/Penny fanfic, which I think marks the very first straight fanfic I've read ever. But I enjoyed it lots. Which I guess means I'm straight now. "I'm cured! I want the boys!"

I miss Buffy.

So the other day I watched a movie called Running on Empty Dreams which is about the following: Married woman gets diagnosed with cancer just as she moves into a new neighborhood with her husband and kid. Husband is fail. Woman falls for the woman across the street. Stuff happens. Overall, there was a lot of awesomness mixed in with a lot of WTFness. Random war flashbacks from the husband. A butch Jesus loving lesbian that kept appearing out of nowhere. Total WTF ending. But there was also some good stuff in there. And also the two women are hot together.

So here's the trailer:

And that concludes this ramble session.
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Happy Thanksgiving to those on the other side of the pond. :)

I think I've forgotten how to ramble. Going through past LJ entries I envy the fact that I used to go on and on forever about absolutely nothing. These days I feel like I should be saying something except I have nothing to say. So onwards to nothing.

My mom called to ask if Karine is a vegetarian, which struck me as funny. She spent the morning looking for recipes she's planning to make when we come over in January. I'd forwarded her our flight itinerary and she saw that K put in a request for a vegetarian dish, so my mom thought it meant K was a vegetarian and spent some time looking through vegetarian recipes. lol But K just prefers vegetarian dishes on airplanes.

I've been listening to a lot of Lady GaGa. In addition to a lot of random music I've downloaded like ... Justin Bieber. Yeah, I know. I know. But the song was in this Callie/Arizona video and I feel like that justifies everything.

... don't judge me!


So I downloaded 'What's Cooking?' which is a Thanksgiving-themed movie that I saw back in college and then forgot about. But since I'm on a The Good Wife kick (OMG WATCH THAT SHOW) anything with Juliana Marguiles on it is a good thing. Plus it's Thanksgiving. So that's a win-win right there. If K's not up to watching it with me, I'll watch it after she goes to bed. We've got a lot to watch tonight: Glee, Survivor ... and if I can sneak it in there Criminal Minds. K doesn't really like CM because it creeps her out. But sometimes I put it on and she'll watch it with me cause she loves me that much.

There's also Hospital Central which I meant to watch last night but didn't, mostly because sometimes I like the delayed gratification.

Oh hey, I've rambled. I feel better now. Carry on.